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aikido both ancient and modern
Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art, but one which came into existence in the early twentieth century. The creation of Morihei Ueshiba (O’Sensei - great teacher), who after extensive study in various armed and unarmed systems distilled a new and innovative art. Aikido does not look to oppose violence with violence, but instead to harmonize with and restrain an aggressor.
Regular practice of Aikido will develop an awareness of the physical aspects of self defence. The practitioner (aikido-ka) is provided with insights into the creative resolution of conflict; intent of the aggressor is captured and utilised. Through dedicated physical training a state of mind is nurtured, that carries over into everyday life, one which is open, in the present and self examining. In the words of the founder “True victory is self victory”.
Aikido is not competitive, the training is focused on cooperative learning. The true value of Aikido training is released through sincere and mutually responsive training where the spirit of the individual is uplifted and the individual transformed.
the founder
Aikido was developed by Morihei Ueshiba (O’Sensei - great teacher) born in Tanabe Wakayama Prefecture in Western Japan in 1883. Aikido is the result of years of study and ultimate mastery of the classical styles of Jujutsu in union with the spiritual guidance of the Omoto-kyo Shinto teachings. O’Sensei was a deeply spiritual man with a vision for global peace. He felt that the pursuit of peace is the realisation of the individuals true potential. O’Sensei indicated that vigorous physical and repetitive training in a non-competitive environment was crucial to the realisation of these pursuits. O’Sensei died in 1969 leaving Aikido as a legacy to the world. This legacy survives through the Aikikai Foundation in Tokyo and through the millions of practitioners around the world, the aikido-ka.

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