aikido-ka adelaide

aikido-ka means student of aikido

We are all students of Aikido together, the spirit of cooperation engendered in the art means we all learn together. Whether we have trained for a few months, a few years or decades we all continue to learn. Aikido training is a lifetime pursuit, it is an awakening and requires dedication and tenacity. We aim to provide and develop

1. Learning through cooperative engagement and ultimate sincerity between training partners.

2. Inform through process of physical tactile experience rather than through intellectualising.

3. Develop a pro-active and responsive attitude rather than a reactive one.

aikido at the aikido-ka

All senior members of the Aikido-ka school are members of the Aikikai Foundation in Tokyo. We receive regular teachings from Japan. Our training has been received through Hikitsuchi Sensei 10th Dan and Anno Sensei 8th Dan, both of whom were immediate students of O’Sensei.
Our classes are open to all who share the vision in training in a cooperative and non-competitive environment. Our primary responsibly is for the welfare of all our training partners and ourselves. Children are very welcome and can generally begin training from the ages 8 or 9 years. No prior knowledge of martial arts is required and the training can be as vigorous as you and your training partners desire it to be.

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